Chicano Heat Band Bio

Larry Lobato

Lead Vocals and Saxophone

Mike Compos

Vocals, Keyboard and Accordion


Born and raised in southeast Colorado. Once he graduated from high school he moved to Fort Collins, Co. Where for the past twenty years he has lived with his spouse Johnette Salas and 2 Children.

Mike is a big fan of Tejano music and enjoys playing Keyboards and Accordion. He is a self-taught musician and loves to play music alongside his Father and Brother. Also, if you see Mike performing, he will have his sidekick and very talented son Ezavien (EZ). Which is only 13 and already making a name for himself in the Music Industry. Mike’s inspiration of music comes from watching groups like Mazz, La Sombra, La Mafia and La Fiebre. He loves playing with Chicano Heat and his own band Lo Traviesos. 

He has dreams of playing professionally and touring full time. Mike has played some very large events throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, and Wyoming. The Groups he has played with have opened for numerous Professional groups like Ruben Ramos, Grupo Stampede, Grupo Avizo, Sunny Sauceda, Grupo Vida, Estrella, Michael Salgado, Little Joe, Aj Castillo, La Sombra, and many more. 

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Bob Marley

Greg Canchola


Julian Rodriguez- Bass Guitar – Born in Sanford, CO, moved to Fort Collins when he was 3 and now res

Julian Rodriguez

Lead Vocals and Bass

Born in Sanford, CO, moved to Fort Collins when he was 3 and now resides in Commerce City, CO with his wife Jill.

Julian grew up in a family of musicians from Sanford, Colorado in the San Luis Valley. He started playing drums at age 7, but by the age of 9 he had switched to playing bass guitar.

Julian has performed with his brother, Del and many other local and national musicians. He plays many styles of music including, Classic Rock, Blues, Country, Reggae and Old School Funk (his favorite). He started playing Tejano at the age of 22 in Greeley, CO.

* Musicians and bands Julian has played with:

Full Moon (elementary school w/ Del); Magic City Band- Grupo Caliente w/ Rocky Roybol on Keyboards; Remedy (UT) w/ Remy Hansen, Missy Ajax, and Tony Sarvello (RIP); Travis Nelson Country Band (UT); Persuasions of Fort Collins with the Jimenez brothers and lastly, Chicano Heat Band.

* Musicians and bands Julian has opened up for or shared the stage with:

Myrle Haggard, Patsy Torres, Texas Latino w/ Tiger Diaz, sit-in with conga, horns and singers of Malo, opened up for Asia, Firefall, Tommy Castro, Little Joe, Ruben Ramos, Johnny Hernandez and once shared the stage with Roberto Greico

Tony Compos

Vocals and Guitar

 Tony was Born and Raised in Granada, Co. Where he met and Married his Wife Sally, They will celebrate their 44th anniversary in 2019. Tony and Sally have three Children and four Grandchildren. When he is not spending time with family he is practicing and playing his Guitar. This has been a long time Hobby and profession for Tony since he came home from the Military in the 70’s. He has toured with some great Tejano legends in the early 80’s and even recorded records with his long-time band La Invasion. He has a lot of great memories on stage with other bands and talented musicians. In 2001 Tony and his two Boys started their own Group Los Traviesos. Since then he has been sharing the stage with his kids and loving every minute of it. Los Traviesos was a successful Tejano band known all over the Country for their music released on the 2013 Debut album. Tony joined Chicano Heat Band about two years ago and now shares the stage with his son and Grandson. He enjoys performing with the Chicano heat members and hopes to continue their journey for many years 

Ez Compos